Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hello, this is my first post on my blog.  I am excited because I did  my first digital card.  I used Abode Indesign to create the layout.  I wasn't planning to do a digital card but my MIL wanted certain things on the card and wanted me to use brown because that was her mother's favorite color.  I started looking through my supplies and I was running low on chocolate chip card stock and I didn't have time to place an order so I decided to design one digitally.  I had it printed at Copy Max.  Can you believe that none of the copy stores print to bleed?   They all leave a quarter of an inch of white  around the card. I didn't want a tiny card.  Our solution was to print it on 11x17 card stock (2 cards on each sheet) and have it cut to two 4.25x5.5 inch cards. Overall, I am pleased with the outcome and would like to do it again.  Hopefully, for a more joyous occasion. 

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