Sunday, December 27, 2009

Goomba Tag

Another Cricut/SCAL2 creation.  I made this for my daughter' god mother.   She's a Mario freak too.   I put this on her Christmas present.   Isn't it cute.   I bet this is the face she makes when she's at work.   She's a store manager of Von's so she deals with the public.   YUCK, retail.

Thanks for looking.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello,  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas.   Yesterday was busy for me.  If you ever seen Four Christmases.  Well, that's how it was for me.   Although, I didn't have to say Mistletoe. (For anyone who hasn't seen the movie.   It's a must see.  Mistletoe was their code word to go.)

Well, I would like to show you my Mario die cut I made with my SCAL2 and Cricut.   I really have been enjoying my Cricut.   I think I have used it more this week since I got the thing two years ago.  I know it's sad. I even tried to sell it last year on Craigslist.  I'm glad I didn't.

This is the picture I used to created the svg file.  I must say it's a little difficult to get use to but it could just be because I don't like reading directions or following them.   The funny thing is that my DH always read the directions and reads them thoroughly.   Before he does anything.   I guess the roles are reversed with us.

This is the die cut I made.   I have no idea what I will use it for but  I think he is so cute.  I love it!  My kids love it too.

BTW, I just want to say that I feel so blessed this year.   Although it's been a tough year I have wonderful friends and would like to thank Juanita and her family.   She is an AWESOME friend.   So glad that I met her at the park 7 years ago.   Thank Larry for the wonderful cake and thank you for the wonderful tamales.  

Merry Christmas to all my blogging buddies!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Gifts

Here is another crafty gift.  I made a total of 5.  Who doesn't need a candle?  I made an extra one, just in case I get an unexpected gift.  You never know?!

Can you believe it?  Tomorrow is Christmas!  I want to wish everyone a
Merry Christmas!

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I've been playing with my Cricut and SCAL 2.   I made some more  die cuts.  I actually made this image into a SVG file.   I'll try to post it tomorrow.   I'll have better lighting in the morning.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mario Mushroom Birthday card w/SCAL 2

My hubby got me Sure Cuts a Lot 2 for Christmas this year.   He told me not to use it until Christmas but I couldn't resist.   I had to try it out.   My family is crazy about Super Mario Bros.   We are in competition with my daughter's God mother to beat the game.  We take our Mario very seriously.  (DH wants to take it with us while we're camping next week. LOL!)  So in honor of our addiction,  I made my son a Mushroom card.

In the game getting a red mushroom means you go from little Mario to Big Mario.   Yesterday was my son's sixth birthday. He is getting so big.   I thought the mushroom symbolized his growth.  Perfect right?

All I can say is that I love SCAL 2 (MAC version w/ personal Cricut) so far.  I haven't used it very much but  I think I will get more use of my Cricut with this program. BTW, my son loved his card.  Which made my day.   My daughter wants a pink one.  LOL!   (Her birthday is the 26 of December.)   Lucky me, HUH?  Everything done in one week but it's one CRAZY week.


  • Stampin UP card stock
  •  SVG file from here

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sorry for being MIA

Wow, it's been a crazy two months for me.   It feels like it's never ending.   Between being sick for almost two weeks,  I am way behind with everything:  cooking, cleaning, and especially crafting.   Although, I did do some crafting. It wasn't what I really wanted to do.   I had to make teacher gifts and co worker gifts.   I made 11 mugs fill with goodies to make hot coco.   Everyone loved it. I think.   Jennica's teacher didn't say anything but Justin's teacher made up for it because I got a thank you card that day.   She's awesome I love her.

I made two different cups.   This one has more detail (because I only had to make two.)

This one is a little more plain because I had to make 9.  They turned out ok.   I like the design but the execution  is out what I wanted it to be.   I guess I was rushing.

P.S.  I got the new Sure cuts a lot 2 program for my cricut.   I will be posting my first project.   It's awesome.   I never used my Cricut but I think that is going to change.

Everything is SU
Except:  MS punch, my oval nesties, snowflakes, and brads.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twilight Tuesday's TTIC 56

I'm back.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.   Mine was good but I was sick during the break.  It was horrible.   I guess I caught the fever after watching New Moon.  LOL!  Anyways, Twilight Tuesday's challenge #56 is to scrapbook your New Moon experience.

All, I can say is that it was GREAT!   Juanita and I saw it at midnight.  People were a little crazy. One girl tried to hop a seat and she fell right next to Juanita. I guess she was so embarrassed she moved and no one sat next to us. Although, I wouldn't blame her.  We had the best seats.   Dead center of the movie theater.  Thanks to my SIL.   She started waiting in line at 5:30 P.M.  Good Times!  I can't wait for Eclipse.


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