Monday, September 20, 2010

Simply Betty's 12 Days of Halloween Challenge

Around the Simply Betty Challenges blog, we don't celebrate the
12 days of Christmas
... we give it the old Betty Halloween twist!  

Starting October 1st SBS will be holding 12...
that's right 12 additional challenges for
one amazing Prize at the end of our 12 day celebration!  

Each day there will be a different prize and you will have one day to enter each challenge.  Now here is the twist... it will be Reality TV style!  In the first challenge we will eliminate all but 12 participants to enter into the next round.  The second challenge all but 10 will be eliminated... and so on and so on, until only one person remains.  That one person will get one amazing prize!!

Each day the prize will grow, Betty will be adding lots and lots of goodies, from rubber stamps, to papers, to embellishments!  This will be one mother load of a prize!!!  Betcha can't wait to see what goodies you will get, eh?  Me too, I'm curious!

Check back to SBS Challenge blog on October 1st to get started... 
and please please spread the word! 


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