Thursday, August 20, 2009

Twilight Tuesday's TTIC 43 Layout 2

For Bella's layout I chose the song "Something I can Never Have" by Nine Inch Nails. Although, I was listening to Smashing Pumpkins and I found another song that reminded me of Twilight. (Really, everything reminds me of Twilight. LOL!) I decided to stay with my original song. This song reminds me of New Moon. She's sad and depressed. Kind of like the song. I found the picture on photo bucket (I also found some nice pictures of Jacob on there and I am not a Jacob fan). The font is Twilight. The digital paper I found on Creating Keepsakes website. It's a free download from J. Sprague called "Echos of Asia Kit". Pretty HUH! The song is on my playlist if you want to hear it. I only used one verse and the chorus for this layout. Less is more. Sometimes.

Here some eye candy!

I took off the shirtless one. I didn't realize he was only 17. YIKES!


  1. Dang love the eye candy. Oh and the scrapbook page is great as well.

  2. WOW~that was some great eye candy!! Love your layout too! :D

  3. ummmmmm Eye candy is very good...Just reminding myself...17 he's only 17...Xx

    Another gorgeous layout sweetie..Well done! Xx

  4. Beautiful page!! This is just so perfect and thoughtful! Ahhh little taylor growing up so cute ;) Makes it hard to remember he is 17!

  5. Gorgeous layout and the song is perfect...but then NIN is amazing.


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