Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Inktegrity's new line: Wish List

 Inktegrity's new line is called Wish List and it's so much fun.  

Hmmmmmmm,  it reminds me that I have a lot on my wish list.
I hope Santa is listening.

Well, my son can mark the new Indiana Jones game off his wish list.  He bought it today with his money that he has been saving for several months.  He wanted to spend it on many things but decided to wait and  get the game he wanted.

  Although, I tried my best to convince him into getting the new Mario game his heart was set on Indiana Jones.  I did convince my daughter to go in half with me.  So, in the end, we ended up with two games.  Yes, I got one thing off my wish list and WOW,  Mario is so FUN!   I don't know who likes it more the kids or me. LOL!

BTW, did you see?

I bet this is fun.
Next on the list!

Two days until NEW MOON!




  1. OH MY! This is STUNNING. I love everything about this, the concept, the execution the amazingly cute images. You really really rocked this!

  2. OMG Jenn that is too darn stinking cute!!! I love everything about it!

    P.S...READY FOR NEW MOON????? *screams* I'm watching it until Sunday baby sitter! :( Now THAT I'm bummed about! you have a baby for a onsie? Or maybe a teddy bear that would fit a onsie? ;) LMK...*wink*

  3. What an adorable card! I love easel cards, so cute!

    Can you please email me: for TT blog info :)

    Thanks! ~ margie

  4. This is incredibly cute and clever! I especially love the hanging stockings! Great coloring/shading, too!

  5. Fabulous easel card Jennifer!! I love how you decorated the mantel with all the toys and precious little socks!!


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