Monday, April 12, 2010

My Crafting Space

I always meant to post my crafting space. I don't have a fancy room. I have a space in my living room which I have to share with my kids. 

Remember it looked like this. 

Now it looks like this.

                                  Drawer #1                                

Drawer #2

Drawer # 3                             

 Drawer #4

Drawer #5
Drawer #6 is a junk drawer (You don't want to see that or do you?)

This is my favorite part.
  My rainbow of embellishments.  You would think I'd use them more.  
They're just eye candy. Don't touch!  LOL!

My overall craft space.

My hubby made the whole thing.  The red piece of furniture was a hutch we got from his mom.  He cut in half and flip it to make it like a counter. It's bar height. (I like to stand when I craft)  The butcher block we got from his brother's kitchen.  He had one piece left.  (It was bought from Ikea)  Hubby lacquered the butcher block with resin.  Very easy to clean glue and other stuff off. The shelves and boxes were bought from Ikea.  The chairs I bought from  The metal boxes were bought from Target and contain some of my supplies, my son's toys, and my daughter's  crafting supplies.   As you can see I love RED.   


  1. What a lovely, and neat, crafting space!! Thanks for sharing it with us :o)


  2. Wow! Are you always that organized or was that just for the photos? I guess by keeping it all in a shared spaced, it kinda forces you to keep it tidy.
    Gorgeous, by the way. I'm off to Ikea to find some of that stuff...

  3. Very organised Jenn.. I LOVE your rainbow of buttons...I think I might need to do that to!! Xx

  4. I want to come to your house and play!!!

  5. I love it! Your hubby is so handy! Everything is so organized and neat, lucky you!

  6. very nice space..

    Just stopping by to thank you for entering my blog candy.
    hugs, Janiel

  7. Wow wow wow... how organised and TIDY does this look!!

  8. oh I just love your craft space...very nicely organized and pretty! :o)
    Thanks for sharing!


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