Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Simply Betty Stamps!

Wow, I can't believe that a year ago I was drooling over the new Simply Betty's Emo Images.  
Waiting to get my hot little hands on those quirky images.   
  Now,  I'm on her design team and WOW does she keep me busy.
But the best part  is, Betty and I have become GREAT friends. 
  Crazy HUH?   
To be blogging and find a friend that is so close.  PRICELESS!

Anyways,  I would like to show everyone some of the cards I have made with her wonderful images.

My first SBS card using Everyday London

The card that got me on the design team 

One of my favorite  Halloween Emo images.

One of my favorite Christmas Emos.  This is Merry Betty.

These two Emos crack me up!  It's Valentine's Rio and Back to School Miller.
It's that cool.  The lines are inter changeable.   

Look at this one.   Halloween Betty image for Christmas,  What?!

Mix and match. You can't go wrong.

Lastly, the 50's Emos will be the last line of these images.   Although they are not the least.

Thank you Betty for the wonderful inspiration. 
  I value our friendship and I wish you success going into year 2!

Happy Birthday Simply Betty Stamps!


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  1. WOW look at all those wonderful Emos! I agree finding you was priceless! Just so awesome to have you so close! Miss ya! (I can't believe I haven't gone to the hat in over 2 weeks!!... 3 actually)!!!



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