Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a Mario Valentine's Day

I totally forgot to do anything for my son's class for Valentine's day.   Yesterday, he reminded me that he needed Valentine's.   I told him that I would buy him some but he responded with,  "Mom if you make them, then they will be free."   Who can argue with that logic.  LOL!  So, I made him some Valentines.  I wouldn't say some,  32 to be exact.  

I have to say that I love my Cricut and SCAL 2!  I know I have said it before. It needs to be said again because I am totally getting my moneys worth.  I would have never attempted to make 32 valentines.   
I just stapled the little mushrooms to the candy.  It didn't need to be fancy because it's from a little boy.  BTW, if you were wondering my son loves them.  

Thanks for Looking!


  1. Oh jennifer these are awesome! My daughter would just ADORE these. I'm really going to have to save up and get a Cricut. I love my slice but the Scal software... I'm not sure I can live without that.

  2. That so takes me back! Love'em! I didn't get to it either. Its a good thing DD loved her littlest pet shop store bought ones! LOL! You go Momma!

  3. These are incredible. They look like the mushrooms in the Super Mario Wii game that my girls are addicted to. Can you tell me which cartridge you used?


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